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The meeting has four days of talks, with two sessions on M/W/R and three sessions on Tuesday.

There will be a Zoom social on Wednesday evening, modelled after a similar event that was held by an SPA group at AGU. Really just let’s Zoom, have a beer/wine/tea/whatever, with a Banff background of your choice (because that’s where we’d be if not for the pandemic). It would be good to connect as a community.

I find when teaching that it stresses me that almost no one has their video on. If your internet permits, please turn on your video. This will help our speakers feel that the audience is engaged.

I put together a somewhat unusual DASP session on Thursday AM, where I have asked the PIs of real (approved) and potential (in Phase A leading in to a ‘down-select’) with either ESA or NASA) upcoming major opportunities that represent significant opportunities for Canadian solar-terrestrial physics.

I hope that everyone tries to make the best of a difficult situation.

- Eric Donovan

GO-Canada Meeting

Pierre Langlois from CSA will be organizing this session